btsm : summer 2003

beyond the standard model


Thanks to Joe for preparing this list of recommended readings.

The Reviews

Peskin, hep-th/9702094.
Pretty good but, as Devin pointed out to me last year, there are a lot of typos (many of his U(1) charges are wrong).

Seiberg & Intriligator, hep-th/9509066.
Ok, but I remember wanting to see more details than are presented here.

Preliminaries to N=1 Seiberg

Affleck, Dine & Seiberg, NPB 241 (1984) 493-534.
A classic paper...I don't know how necessary it is, though. It does an instanton calculation to demonstrate that the superpotential allowed by symmetry considerations is indeed generated nonperturbatively.

Seiberg, hep-ph/9309335.
Very clear discussion of Seiberg's techniques.

Seiberg, hep-th/9402044.
Essential stuff concerning the moduli space of vacua in N=1 theories.

Seiberg, hep-th/9411149.
The Seiberg duality paper...builds on the previous one. I think it is also the clearest discussion.

Seiberg/Witten N=2

Seiberg & Witten, hep-th/9407087.
Original Seiberg-Witten paper dealing with N=2 SU(2) SYM...also the clearest discussion of the subject in my opinion.

Seiberg & Witten, hep-th/9408099.
Extension of Seiberg-Witten to N=2 SU(2) SYM with matter fields also included...very clear

Argyres, Plesser & Seiberg, hep-th/9603042.
Ties together Seiberg's N=1 stuff and the Seiberg-Witten N=2 stuff. Good discussion of N=2 moduli space...If memory serves (elder and/or wiser please correct) it shows that when N=2 is broken to N=1 only isolated points of the moduli space, corresponding to theories related by Seiberg duality, remain.

Argyres & Faraggi, hep-th/9411057.
Extension of Seiberg-Witten to SU(N) new conceptual things here, just new details.

Argyres, Plesser & Shapere, hep-th/9505100.
Extension of Seiberg-Witten to SU(N) theories with matter fields...again, no new conceptual things here, just new details.

beyond the standard model

jesse k thaler