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From the Ashes
(Sunday, January 27, 2002)

And I thought owning a car was difficult! Though Christophe can blame his computer woes on breaking and entering, I have to settle for breaking and broke. Two night ago, in attempt to fix my computer, I ended up nearly losing all my data. The details are too gruesome to repeat, but suffice it to say that it was bad, really bad, and partly my fault.

But the computer returns! Now with an external 80GB hard drive, I have plenty of room for MP3s (I lost 2 days of music!) and I can backup my data (I only lost one personal file: "sTupId_SA.doc"). I am using a daily backup script from RAILhead Design and it seems to work great. Hopefully, I won't have another experience to test it.

My new external hard drive is named "Korovyov" after the satanic choir-master in Master and Margarita. After reformating the internal hard drive (previously known as "Superdude" and "Subdude"), I scraped the two partitions in favor of one: "Phoenix."
Axe Marks the Spot
(Sunday, January 20, 2002)

Winter break is almost over, but I have nothing to show for it on jthaler.net. No new photographs, no new physicists articles. No brilliant insight, no cringe-worthy puns. Nada, nothing. Zilch, zero.

But my friends have been very production. Stefan redesigned his website. Ashton completed a new line of handmade guitars. And I am proud to say that I am an owner of an ABA Music Design original, B4-01.

This bass plays like a dream, plenty of room under the strings for popping, thick neck, and super light weight. Though Ashton has pictures of the instrument on his website, I hope to do a photo shoot with the axe in the coming weeks.

This semester I will tour the physics of 2+1 dimensions, study the structure of modern architecture, and hopefully get into grad school.

And one last thing: Go Pats!

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