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(Monday, August 4, 2003)

It's August already. Pretty soon it will be the big twenty-three for me; a lonely prime number of an age, nothing to write home about. The summer has been wonderful so far. Three physics talks, three weekends of swimming and sunbathing, three albums downloaded from the iTMS. And a fourth of each forthcoming.

As always, the website remains in disarray. I promise to update the photographs before the end of the summer. (A prize to the first non-girlfriend who can find the secret, secret photos that I've already posted sans captions.) I've been spending most of my time writing notes about physics beyond the standard model, and if you want to read incomprehensible but nicely typeset documents, be my guest.

A second prize goes to the first non-girlfriend to figure out the significance of the image on the right.

Sasha and I have been able to visit a bunch of our friends this summer, but there are still a few among you whom we miss dearly. A journalist, an author, a vocalist, an architect whose website is down (!), and a whole bunch of Ned-heads and radio junkies. A big boo-hoo to not seeing this soon-to-be council member. (A third prize to the first non-girlfriend to figure out where the councilor's photo was taken.) And what about this permanent resident of Medway? We have a futon (only single layer) with your name on it. Give us a call, y'all. (No offense to those of our friends whom we miss but for whom we couldn't find a suitable URL. Also, no offense to the significant others of the ones mentioned above.)

A fourth prize forthcoming.
A Mom Walks Into an (h) Bar
(Wednesday, May 28, 2003)

It is now officially summer. The goose has her diploma, your humble (ha!) narrator has finished his first year of grad school, and the thermometer has broken 60 degrees (just barely). Should we be worried about a fundamental warp in the fabric of space-time now that the Red Sox are a game and a half ahead of that other team?

More worrisome, is that my former physics building has a brand new lobby. (Is this what they mean by a "spacious and comfortable environment"?) The administration claimed that they would finish the lobby by the spring of 2003, and... wait, it is the spring of 2003! A construction project that finished on-time?! The whole lobby is done up in retro-hip, so they must have used a time machine (or a closed time-like curve) to accomplish the seemingly impossible. (Is there a sophisticated french term for "middle of the century"?) As for why my mother happens to be sitting in the lobby...

And to aid a fellow digital photographer, I present this page: docjohnson's album.

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