lhc olympics : fall 2005

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Chameleon : Event Analysis Software

Chameleon is a Mathematica notebook for analyzing black box data. There is a tutorial available to teach you how to use the basic functions based on the Harvard black box data. Email Natalia Toro (toro [at] fas.harvard.edu) or Philip Schuster (schuster [at] fas.harvard.edu) if you have questions on how to use the software or if you need help generating a complicated histogram.

Also, if you would like to receive an email when the software is updated, please send an email to toro_at_fas.harvard.edu with subject 'CHAMELEON UPDATES'.

An updated version (Chameleon 0.51) is available as of November 1, 2005. We have corrected the four-vectors for jets to incorporate the jet invariant mass, added the fastReset[] function to prevent problems when a data set is loaded repeatedly, and made several other minor changes. Please see the Changelog at the end of Chameleon0_51.nb for detailed changes, and the tutorial "function reference list" for more about fastMake and fastReset.
Chameleon 0.5 was updated on October 20, 2005 to be compatible with Mathematica Version 5.0. (The initial version's "hardware triggers" did not work in Mathematica 5.0). The tutorial also functions properly in Mathematica 5.0.
A new tutorial is also available as of November 1, 2005 with small modifications and clarifications.

If you open and save Chameleon0_51.nb, it will automatically generate Chameleon0_51.m. Chameleon has been tested on Mathematica 5.0, 5.1, and 5.2.

We welcome your comments, questions, and recommendations for new functionality. We are currently trying to improve memory management for large data sets.

Cite: Wolfram Research, Inc., Mathematica, Version 5.1, Champaign, IL (2004).
BlackBox : Event Generation Software

The following is a modified version of the official LHC Olympics blackbox generation software that we used at Harvard to generate our black box. See the main LHC Olympics page for the official version of this software. Note that this version is not sanctioned by the LHC Olympics, or by the authors of Pythia, CPyth, CompHEP, StdHEP, CERNLIB, or PGS. Use at your own risk.

Information on how to use and install the software is available on the LHC Wiki. Email questions, comments, and bug reports to Jesse Thaler.
Terse Instructions

More detailed instructions, including information on installing the software on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows, is available at the LHC Wiki.
Download blackbox.tgz

tar xvzf blackbox.tgz
cd blackbox
make all                   # This script does the necessary installation steps (in principle).
./run.sh                   # See if it works.  Should be self-explanatory.

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