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One World, One Heart, Lots o' Johnsons : June 23, 2001

25 Years
We Do Our Best
(...but who's counting?)

Throwing in the Tile

“It's Nothing Like Ohio”
The Hair Apparent
Blugly 140000 : June 17, 2001

The Little Blugly that Could
Graduation Weekend : June 14, 2001

"Have a Marble"
I'm Outta Here
Do I Smell Pizza?

The Graduate
Perkins Cove
Red Towel

The Wiggly Bridge
Spanning Generations
Strike a Pose... or Not

Cruisin' for Chicks
Wade in the Water
Pig Pile on Jesse
The Subway Series : June 9, 2001

Central Park East
A Nice Gesture
The Conservatory Garden

Tickle Torture
Of a Feather
The “L” Series : June 2, 2001

Johnson Central Since 1980
“It's a Fractal”
Moonlight in Maine

A Voice from the Heart
Hotaru Koi

Light in the Mist

Where's Walter?
Now you see him...

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