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(Saturday, May 26, 2001)

Aw... aren't they cute? Yes, the joy of digital photography; now our Kodak moments will be instantly available to doting relatives. Go on over to the newly created photographs page to view select snapshots from our first roll of digital film.

Sasha and I are now officially moved in to 107B Medway. When you look at the Medway photos, be sure to check out our shoji light fixture. Our room is looking more and more like a dormatory every day. (If only Sasha would let me hang the Nedlog banner...)
(Monday, May 21, 2001)

This site has been completely rewritten using Cascading Style Sheets. You shouldn't notice any difference (hopefully), but now it should be easier for me to make changes, etc., etc.

Thanks to goose-nose for teaching me how to do CSS. If only our dear Dubya was so smart....

Not much else to report, besides the fact that I was locked out of my room for an hour. (Not my fault at all; a computer glitch of sorts.)

Enjoy the weed, courtesy of The Funny Times. Now time to study some physics.
(Saturday, May 19, 2001)

In a few days, I will be the proud owner of a digital camera. I decided on a Kodak DC3400. Considering my less than friendly relationship with film, it should be a good investment. Plus, this way I get can all sorts of pretty pictures online really fast!

So stay tuned (tuned?) for a new pictures page with all sorts of fun images. Eventually, I will have scanned images from the teahouse, but that might have to wait for a bit.

Until the camera arrives, I will be packing up the room and moving to Carlos' place. What happens to this website between now and then is very much up in the air.
(Monday, May 14, 2001)

Counting down the hours to Shoji! I still haven't seen the doors on our teahouse, though Doc tells me they are wonderful. A pilgrimage home is definitely in order.

All I need to do is take a quantum test and the semester is over. By the way, the uncertainty principle works very well in carpentry: the more accurately you know the length of your wood, the less likely it is to fit. So remember, folks, always keep a router handy.

Unfortunately, they haven't designed an electron router bit yet. That would certainly make counting quantum states much easier. ("Heck, we didn't need the n=2 state anyway.")
(Thursday, May 10, 2001)

I decided to stay up late last night to finish all my non-quantum work. We're talking about jazz radio late, folks. It was definitely worth it, though, if only to be free from complex analysis. From here on out, I'm keepin' it real. ::not-so-subtle groans from the audience::

I did manage to get up at 9am today, mainly because if I didn't, I would have failed myself and two other fine Brown students. (How's that for encouragement?)

The Ted Rall cartoon on the right reminds me a song from the Doc Johnson days: "This whole world's gone crazy, think I've seen enough / I wanna sleep forever: why get up?"
(Saturday, May 5, 2001)

Ah, nothing like a day at the beach to revitalize the soul. And not only a day at the bench, but a day eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, building sunken sand ships, and diving head first into the watery deep. (It was a lot colder coming out than going in.)

Of course, a day at the beach is only complete with fried clams. (Yeah, it is.) In a perfect world, we would have "stopped at the sign of the lemon," but there's always next time.
(Monday, April 30, 2001)

I had a conversation with a friend of mine who claimed that it was nearly impossible to find a personal web page that didn't use the "web page voice." Yes, you know the web page voice: capitalization is optional, sentances ends in emoticons (noun/verb agreement anyone?), and we're always oh so happy you found our humble abode on the web. ... :-)

You won't find the web page voice in The Elements of Style, though W. Strunk would have certainly cautioned against it. The web page voice is even worse than the "impersonal scientist voice"; I'll take third-person singular over web humor any day. (<nobr>my heart</nobr>, etc.)

Of course, there is always the "web scientist voice." ("She is oh so happy you found her humble abode on the web. Please, <nobr>her beakers</nobr>.") But enough of this already!

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