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Energy Minimizing Configuration for Twenty-Five Points
(Saturday, June 30, 2001)

I am now officially done studying Quantum Mechanics on the SU(N) symmetry group. My summer research is now officially half-over, even though it isn't July yet. How's that for fuzzy math!

Now onto “The Geometry of Point Particles.” I skimmed the article last night and am completely lost. If you have any insight into the scale-invariant energy minimizing configurations of N interacting (or non-interacting) particle, let me know.

On the right is a pseudo-regular solid. If you look closely, you can detect slight imperfections. (Hint: count the number of triangles surrounding each vertex.) What this means, I don't fully understand.
(Sunday, June 24, 2001)

As my dad might say, always look for strange coincidences in life.

Sasha's New Ride
A Ride for Sasha's New Ride
(Sunday, June 17, 2001)

I am happy to announce that Sasha and I have found our next vehicles. Now that Blugly is on his last leg, we feel much less guilty about choosing a new form of transportation. (Sorry Blugs, we didn't mean to break the parking brake. We still love you, really we do. Please don't die on us until we have found a suitable replacement.)

It's common knowledge that I have been lusting after a VW Microbus. Unfortunately, the ones that are still on the road are most likely to be on the side of the road, gathering dust. (Unless you are in San Francisco, in which case they are gathering tie-dyed dust.) But now, VW has announced a new concept car that would do for the Microbus what the New Beetle did for the Beetle. A dream come true, n'est pas?

What you may not know, is that Sasha is lusting after a motorcycle. Color me shocked! We were dropping off my family at a gas station (don't ask why) when we saw a Yamaha Royal Star Venture. Sasha nearly swooned. I must admit, it was quite a classy bike, and as long as she's driving and I have appropriate head gear, I'm game.

Of course, this choice of vehicles creates a serious dilemma. Which one will we take on our cross country road trips: sexy on the outside or sex on the inside?
Rain, rain, go away.
Keep my fluffy hair at bay.
(Tuesday, June 12, 2001)

So last night was quite exciting at 107B Medway: Sasha cut my hair! She did a very good job, to both her and my surprise. Now I look like a cute little fuzzball instead of the large scary fuzzball of old. Of course, the humidity is doing strange things to my mop; if things stay this way, I'll soon be home to nesting birds.

There are a few new pictures from our jaunt to New York, so head to the photographs section. Also, don't miss the two-tier couch; it will be a smash hit in Europe for sure.
An Olympic Sport in 2052
(Monday, June 4, 2001)

We may not be getting any younger (mothers included), but some of us can't seem to act our age. Timed photography is usually reserved for those family moments when the photographer wants to be included in the kodachrome excitement. Well, I've found a new use for timed photography: stop action vertical leap imaging. (Click on the image for an almost life-size version.)

And this is only the beginning. Soon I'll capture pictures of me doing the triple jump. Then again, stop action photos of my theoretical physics "research" could prove to be quite a phenom.

Oh, and there are new photos in the photographs section. Check 'em out.
Smarter than a goldfish and better looking, too.
(Friday, June 1, 2001)

Ok, I admit it. I shamelessly steal other folks' web images for my own site. But sometimes I can't resist! Look at this cute little Babelfish. Wouldn't you want one for your very own, too?

Of course, whenever I steal an image, I monochromatize it, edit it, shrink it, and pretend like it's my own. But then again, I bet some questionable web surfers are stealing my (stolen) images right from under my nose and bringing them back into the RGB world (the nerve!).

This weekend is the big L for my mommy, so I'll going up north for a birthday shindig. I'll be posting images from Maine when I return. In the mean time, don't overfeed my new friend. And of course, so long and thanks for all the (babel)fish...

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