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(Monday, July 30, 2001)

Back home again. I actually woke up this morning at 8:30 ready to hike around Providence; it may take awhile to adjust to "normal" living. Pictures from Monhegan are forthcoming, but the download indicator on the camera reads 20 of 192. When I have some pretty pictures to show off, you'll be the first to know.

Time Dilation
Breaking News! The first panorama from Monhegan is now available! Go to the photography page and tell me what you think. It was created using QuickTime VR and it has only slight color and perspective distortion.

There are two more panoramas and a slew of pictures coming soon, but I have three physics projects to work on between now and next Wednesday, so don't hold your breath.
Yarr, Mon
(Tuesday, July 17, 2001)

Monhegan is fast approaching, so this will most likely be the last update until after we return from the island. There are a few new photographs from our trip to Tanglewood. Unfortunately, we forgot to take pictures when we were in New York, though we did remember to stock up on street vendor nuts.

A while back, we were contemplating what would happen if we ever came across a Rasta Pirate. “Aiye Capt'n, Peace Be To Jahr.” We also contemplated a Pirate Physicist: “Walk the Planck's Constant!” As you might imagine, things got pretty silly after that.
Joust the Facts
(Thursday, July 12, 2001)

I have a horrible new addiction. There was an old Mac arcade game called Glypha, and now the game has been revitalized for Mac OS X. Even without sound effects (coming in the next version, hopefully), I am completely hooked.

Glypha was originally written by John Calhoun, the programmer of Glider. Glider has also been updated for Mac OS X, and I'd play that, except the music *does* work, and It's *really* annoying.

But Jesse, why don't you just turn off the sound? Because if I did that, I couldn't listen to iTunes and play Stupid Mac Games at the same time. Pah-leez! You can't honestly expect me to play Glider without Miles backing me up...
This is Your Brain on Theoretical Physics
(Monday, July 9, 2001)

Today, I officially earned the title of World-Class Goofball. After being told twice by the department secretary to remember to lock the physics library before leaving, and after writing a note to myself in Pig Latin to “Oseclay Ethay Oorday, Uffaceday,” I *still* managed to walk halfway home before remembering to pick up a gallon of milk. I didn't realize the physics library door was still ajar (hee, hee) until after I left Store 24.

This would not be so bad, except for the fact that this is the second time I've left the physics library door open. The first time, I had to pull a Mission: Impossible style “Sneak up the Back Stairs Under Cover of Night, Set Up a Titanium Zip Line, and Pull the Door Closed with a High-Temperature Superconducting Magnet” manuever. This time, I took the elevator.

Anyway, Sasha thinks my Dumb Jesse face looks more like two eggs, bacon, and an artistic ketchup squirt. You be the judge, and I'll plead insanity.
(Wednesday, July 4, 2001)

Happy Fourth of July! For most of you, this is a day of rest and celebration. For me, it is a day studying Berry's Phase. How patriotic of me...

I got an early birthday present on Monday. Sasha surprised me (that's a lie) with a tripod for my digital camera. (Velbon CX-570) It's amazing the difference that a stationary lens can make on the quality of the print. We went to Blackstone Park to take a few nature shots with the new tripod. Head over the to photography page for some pseudo-artsy images.

The best feature of the tripod is a levelling bubble, presenting the opportunity for some ::cough:: memorable puns. ("Jesse, you're going to have to level with me" ; "I'm taking my photography to the next level" ; "le vel, bon")

I also now have a new memory card for the camera, allowing me to take 154 (!) full-quality photographs at a time. (I can take something like 1200 low-quality pictures.) The only problem is that I'll drain the batteries before I fill the memory. Better stock up on juice before Monhegan...

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