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The Sound of One Screen Falling
(Wednesday, August 29, 2001)

I'm settling into my room in Hegeman, getting ready for senior year. Assuming all goes well, jthaler.net should be broadcasting without interruptions from now until next summer. Don't expect too many updates until I finish my grad school applications, though. Also, the photographs area will be taking a vacation until the end of September.

Yesterday, I hung the shoji screen from the ceiling in the common room. Or more precisely, the shoji screen is about ready to fall from the ceiling of the common room. Last night, I heard the sound of wires breaking and wood crashing to the floor, but happily (for us, at least) it was the folks upstairs. Only a matter of time...
Port 80's Complaint
(Thursday, August 23, 2001)

Last night, I finished reading Philip Roth's Portnoy's Complaint, a must read for anyone who enjoys pure mishegoss (and owns a copy of Leo Rosten's The Joys of Yiddish).

And speaking of meshuggeneh, my ISP shut down my webserver! (The nerve...) They blocked all traffic on port 80 (the http port) without warning. I rigged things up so that you can still visit the website at http://www.jthaler.net:8080/. Apparantly, it is against the ISP's rules to host a server. I should apologize!
(Friday, August 17, 2001)

Summer's end draws nigh; 'tis the season of parting and departing... such sweet sorrow.

'Tis also the time for IP address shuffling, so jthaler.net will be down for a few days starting in a week or so while I move my computer back onto the Brown network. Until then, enjoy the photographs from the partial Nedlog reunion. And stay tuned for an update on my summer research.

A few weeks ago, we went to Waterfire to try to take some pictures. Unfortunately, none of them came out because the light levels were so poor. The ring of fire at Waterplace park was completely washed out by the background illumination from the mall. In any case, here is an inverted solarization of the best photo from that venture.

Sunrise, Monhegan Island

(Friday, August 10, 2001)

Today is the big XXI! Ok, tonight at 11:31pm CDT... or is that tomorrow at 12:31am EDT? It's so confusing being an East Coast/Minnesota baby. Maybe I should move to Lake Wobegon and take group therapy sessions with Garrison Keillor.

Many of you received an email today inviting you to this here website. À la Keillor:
Dear All,
Providence is too hot. Stay at home. Just send electrons.
- jthaler
So welcome all. I can assure you that this website is above average... just like everything else on the (Wobegon) Web. (Web-egon?)

If you are new to jthaler.net, I suggest going to the photographs page first to look at the panorama pictures from Monhegan Island. They are cool. Really. Nothing else on the website even comes close. (Though some of the other photographs are worth checking out, too.)

For those interested in the fundamental microscopic structure of the universe (or for those interested in pretending to be interested but end up just confused), go to the academics page and look at my summer research page.

Most of the site should be pretty self-explanitory. The main navigation bar is to the left. Also, there is a table of contents. To make surfing easier, don't forget the links at the top of every page. For example:
jthaler : some important title

you are here | you aren't here
Clicking on "jthaler" will take you to the table of contents. Clicking on "you aren't here" will take you to a heretofore unvisted page. Simple, eh?

Thank you for stopping by. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or theoretical physics senior thesis suggestions, drop me a line.
(Monday, August 6, 2001)

Another Monhegan picture that didn't make the cut, but looks pretty cool in high contrast inverted black and white.

So after a full day in front of the computer, the Monhegan pictures are now complete. 192 pictures culled to less than 50. If there is a picture you think I forgot to include, let me know. Most likely the missing picture was too blurry or poorly framed, but I may still be able to rescue something.

Sasha and I went to Waterfire last night to try to take some pictures, but the light levels were too low to get anything more than a fiery blob. I guess I should stick to physics for the rest of the week.
Burnt Head or Lunar Surface?
(Friday, August 3, 2001)

The fun with Photoshop continues! There is a new panorama on the photography page. Plus, the Johnson Family Photo is available, complete with fuzzy math. The remaining pictures from Monhegan will be processed whenever I take a break from N-body integrable systems.

To the right is a high contrast black and white of the Johnson swimming hole. Or maybe a satellite image of the Western half of the Northern Hemisphere on a cloudy day? Or maybe a scanning electron microscope image of a dysfunctional synaptic junction? Or...

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