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(Saturday, September 22, 2001)

Column A
Column B
My GRE Score
My Best Bowl
Quantity in column A is greater.
Quantity in column B is greater.
The two quantities are equal.
The relationship cannot be determined from the information given.
(Tuesday, September 11, 2001)

9:23 am
A moment of silence.
Get on the Scene
(Saturday, September 8, 2001)

Ahh... Too Funky!

You can call me Bootsy, now. That's right, Mister Lester J. is playin' the four string groove thang in a funk band. An eight-piece funk orchestra commin' at cha! DeLicks and the Army of Funk is gonna move your hips and groove you on the dance floor. Ow!

Want some tunes? Go to the webpage of a certain Mister Trombone Man. Dig?
Who is This Handsome Man?
(Sunday, September 2, 2001)

After yesterday's miserable attempt at a practice Physics GRE, I decided that today I would do absolutely nothing. Or at least nothing that would strain me intellectually.

As part of my no-mind day, I ran across a very interesting web site: the National Graphic Design Archive at the Cooper Union School of Art. Though the site doesn't seem to be completely finished, they have an amazing collection of digital images related to graphic design and typography.

Of course, I probably violated their User Agreement by posting the image to the right, but I couldn't resist. If you want to see the original image, do a search for "Dali."

In other news, my dorm room is nearing completion. All that remains is to move out some boxes and move in the futon. Classes start on Tuesday, and I'm looking forward to choosing a funky humanities class. I am deciding between Faust, Early Soviet Literature, American Experience in Vietnam, and Relations Between Post-Soviet States. I have also posted my (very) preliminary weekly schedule.

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