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My resume is available on the about page.
Graduate Curriculum

Harvard University, M.A. (May 2004), Ph.D. Candidate


Phys 210 : General Relativity (Prof. Strominger)
Phys 211 : Black Holes (Prof. Strominger)
Phys 232a : Electromagnetism (Prof. Golovchenko)
Phys 247r : Laboratory Course in Contemporary Physics (Prof. Pershan)
Phys 251a : Quantum Mechanics A (Prof. Marcus)
Phys 251b : Quantum Mechanics B (Prof. Marcus)
Phys 253a : Quantum Field Theory A (Prof. Coleman)
Phys 253b : Quantum Field Theory B (Prof. Arkani-Hamed)
Phys 262 : Statistical Physics (Prof. Nelson)
Phys 264 : Symmetries in Physics (Prof. Jaffe)
Phys 287a : String Theory (Prof. Minwalla)

Oral Exam Committee
Nima Arkani-Hamed
Andrew Foland
Shiraz Minwalla

Exam Passed: May 2004
Teaching Experience

Linear Algebra : Spring 2001

I was a teaching assistant with Prof. Thomas Banchoff for MA 54, Honors Linear Algebra. Though most of my work was reviewing student homework posted online, I did have the opportunity to deliver a lecture on the relationship between Linear Algebra and Theoretical Physics. In particular, I showed how Electron Spin Quantum Mechanics can be described in terms of the self-adjoint complex two by two matrices. (And yes, my students did understand what I was talking about.)

Here is a PDF version of the lecture notes:
Undergraduate Curriculum

Brown University, Sc.B. Math/Physics (May 2002)


PH 7 : Analytical Mechanics (Prof. Maris)
PH 8 : Intro to Quantum Mechanics & Special Relativity (Prof. Pelcovits)
PH 25 : Intro to Cosmology (Prof. Brandenberger)
PH 47 : Electricity & Magnetism (Prof. Pelcovits)
PH 50 : Advanced Classical Mechanics (Prof. Tan)
PH 56 : Experiments in Modern Physics (Prof. Landsberg)
PH 141 : Quantum Mechanics A (Prof. Maris)
PH 142 : Quantum Mechanics B (Prof. Jevicki)
PH 151 : Advanced Electricity & Magnetism (Prof. Partridge)
PH 153 : Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics (Prof. Lowe)
PH 198 : Senior Thesis (Prof. Jevicki)
PH 199 : Reading Course on Field Theory (Prof. Jevicki)
PH 262 : Intro to String Theory (Prof. Jevicki)


MA 35 : Multivariable Calculus (Prof. Linden, visiting)
MA 54 : Linear Algebra (Prof. Banchoff)
MA 106 : Differential Geometry (Prof. Banchoff)
MA 112 : Partial Differential Equations (Prof. Pipher)
MA 126 : Complex Analysis (Prof. Yang, visiting)
MA 153 : Abstract Algebra (Prof. Lubin, emeritus)
MA 113 : Calculus on Manifolds (Prof. Lawrence, visiting)
MA 156 : Number Theory (Prof. Rosen)


CS 15 : Introduction to Object Oriented Programming (Prof. van Dam)
UC 134 : Issues in Higher Education (Prof. Stultz)
EC 31 : Economics of Aging (Prof. Lumsdaine)
ED 150 : Urban School Reform (Prof. Hoffman)
HI 142 : Soviet History (Prof. Gleason)
HI 197 : Race and Ethnicity in Brazilian History (Prof. Skidmore)
PL 8 : Existential Philosophy (Prof. Reginster)
RS 88 : Women in Islam (Prof. Zaman)
CO 141 : Japanese Theatre (Prof. Viswanathan)
GM 145 : Faust (Prof. Goodman)
HA 85 : Modern Architecture (Prof. Zandi-Sayek)

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