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Jesse Kempner Thaler

2125 Channing Way Apt 2
Berkeley, CA 94704

Cell : 617.642.8622

Harvard University
Fall 2002 - Present
M.A. Physics (May 2004)
Ph.D. Candidate

Merit Fellowship (2005)
Goldhaber Prize (2005)
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (2002-2005)
APS Apker Finalist (2002)
Brown University
Fall 1998 - Spring 2002
Sc.B. Math/Physics (May 2002)

Magna Cum Laude
Phi Beta Kappa
Sigma Xi
Lindsey Prize in Physics
Phillips Exeter Academy
Fall 1994 - Spring 1998

Cum Laude Society
Cox Medal
N. Arkani-Hamed, G. Kane, J. Thaler, and L.-T. Wang, Supersymmetry and the LHC Inverse Problem, (2005) hep-ph/0512190.

Y. Grossman, C. Kilic, J. Thaler, and D. Walker, Neutrino Constraints on Spontaneous Lorentz Violation, (2005) hep-ph/0506216.

J. Thaler, Little Technicolor, (2005) JHEP07(2005)024, hep-ph/0502175.

J. Thaler and I. Yavin, The Littlest Higgs in Anti-de Sitter Space, (2005) JHEP08(2005)022,hep-ph/0501036.

N. Arkani-Hamed, H.-C. Cheng, M. Luty, and J. Thaler, Universal Dynamics of Spontaneous Lorentz Violation and a New Spin-Dependent Inverse-Square Law Force, (2004) JHEP07(2005)029, hep-ph/0407034.

A. Jevicki and J. Thaler, "Dynamics of black hole formation in an exactly solvable model," (2002) Phys. Rev. D66 024041, hep-th/0203172.
July 2005, CERN, Geneva: LHC Olympics

July 2005, IPPP, Durham: SUSY 2005

September 2004, ICTP, Trieste: Conference on Fundamental Symmetries and Fundamental Constants
Invited Seminars
March 2005, NYU
April 2005, BU
Research Experience

Beyond the Standard Model
Summer 2003 - present
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
Nima Arkani-Hamed, Harvard University
Black Hole Formation
Fall 2001 - Spring 2002
Senior Thesis (APS Apker Finalist)
Antal Jevicki, Brown University
Matrix Models and Group Theory
Summer 2001
UTRA Fellowship (Undergraduate Teaching and Research Assistantship)
Antal Jevicki, Brown University
Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant, Linear Algebra
Spring 2001
Thomas Banchoff, Brown University
Math/Physics Tutor
1999 - 2000
Brown University
Classroom Assistant, Algebra I and II
Fall 1999
Textron/Chamber of Commerce Charter High School, Providence, RI

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