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The design for this site was lifted from a previous web project, Jazz After Hours (no longer active).

I think black and white web pages are classy, though I do apologize for the light gray links. Get yourself a CSS enabled browser and it will look much better. (Thanks to Christophe and Stefan for teaching me everything I know about web design.)

Any ideas for content would be greatly appreciated. Until then, this site will consist mainly of photographs and random musings. Eventually, the physics page will have all sorts of physics information, but don't hold your breath.
Font Size

Unfortunately, there is no good way to predict how large or small type will look on different folk's browsers. Plus, most browsers allow you to mold the font size to your will. If you want to see what the web page looks like to me, set your font size such that the following sentences look approximately the same.

These two sentences should look the same.

Of course, if you don't have the same font that I use (Trebuchet), then there's no hope.
Technical Notes

This webpage is hosted by Apache Web Server running on Mac OS X. The pages were composed in BBEdit and the images were manipulated in Photoshop.

My server is an Apple Power Mac G4 named "Woland." Woland is quite talented and finds web serving to be tedious. So if this site seems slow, it is probably because he is doing complex calculations with Mathematica. Either that, or he is touring Moscow. (He has a fondness for Apricot Soda.)

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